Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival



Ten nimble fingers move through a heady mix of chemicals known and unknown. A spectrum of light dances with silver particles, and these strangers unite like lovers. A cinematic moment  occurs and magic happens. Science meets art. Hands connect directly to the root of a thought. A collective consciousness is stirred. Constellations of mediums conjoin and a chorus emerges.

As we enter our sixth year of hosting the 16mm film festival, we recognize what makes the photochemical medium so special to us. It is rooted in play. It constantly merges the art and craft  of making. Its tangibility makes room for deeply personal impressions. Its slowness changes time. 

We invite you to submit films that meditate on the craft that is the medium. And when we meet in December, we hope to be able to share with you these films intimately; films that are unique in their making; a delight to experience and wonder about. 

The 16mm film festival accepts films made on all celluloid formats (8mm, 16mm, 35mm). The festival will take place at Harkat, Mumbai, from 9-11th December 2022.


Entries are now open!