Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival

Schedule for the 16mm Film Festival 2020

Welcome to the 2020 (virtual) edition of the 16mm Film Festival – the world’s only film festival which exclusively showcases films shot on celluloid!

The 3-day programme explores what most of us have been missing the most this year: relationships. Relationships with ourselves, with others, with physical spaces and with the medium of celluloid. We follow protagonists in both fiction and documentary as they discover their own identity, struggle with issues of migration, experience role play, fall in love, fall out of love, learn about the land they live on, the culture they left, time gone by and moments in memory.

The 16mm film festival is a yearly event where we celebrate the physical beauty of celluloid film – in all its formats, from Super8 to glorious 70mm. This year, instead of our usual hands-on workshops, we are excited to offer virtual festival ‘goers’ an range of films like never before – from experimental shorts which explore the medium of celluloid to moving documentaries to downright entertaining fiction.

Welcome to the magic of celluloid

Harkat Studios is a collective driven film lab and boutique art studio based in Mumbai and Berlin. Harkat focuses on the development of conscious art and encourages a discourse on contemporary practices within the field in India. We have a passion for film, new media, community art spaces and contemporary art. 

Harkat takes many forms across artistic disciplines and creative industries. Our work is focused on bringing harkat into the community and bringing the community back into our work. Since its conception, our studio has served as a ‘community center’ for art. We support the new, unheard, upcoming, exciting, cutting edge, the political, the forgotten, nostalgic, melancholic, soul stirring, the beautiful & more. And that’s what Harkat is. Harkat.

As an alternative arts space, Harkat has hosted theatre, film, music, contemporary art exhibitions and other community projects. We run the 16mm Film Festival in Bombay, an annual celebration of celluloid filmmaking combined with workshops facilitating making with a focus on the medium. We also curated a show called ‘India on Film’ at the Serendipity Arts Festival which investigated the inter-relationship between the art and craft of making on film in the Indian context.

If you are a maker interested in ‘film’, you’ll landed on the right page. For some information and resources, click here.

India on Film at Serendipity Art's Festival 2019

Last year, Harkat Studios proposed their India on Film program at the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa. The program explores the Indian approach to the art and craft of analogue filmmaking through a series of film screenings, talks, installations and workshops.  The program was hugely successful and saw a crowd of over 500 people every day! People of all kinds visited our exhibit and interacted with the various installations. Many joined in the workshop and experimented with their own 16mm films.