Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival

Make a 1-min film on 16mm

Ek minute



Harkat in collaboration with Kodak is facilitating the production of five 1 minute silent 16mm films. The idea is to get makers who have never shot on film get a taste of it. If you want to make your film on film, then send us your script in not more than 1 page. Five selected ones will get 50 feet of 500T Kodak stock, a DOP, an Arri 416 16mm camera, processing and scanning, to make their masterpiece. The pieces will be exhibited at the festival on the closing day.

Note : Participants have to be present at the time of the shoot – on the 9th of December and will be responsible for arranging any actors, production logistics, permissions etc.

Send your entries to 16mm@16mm.harkat.in
Deadline: 20th November