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This beginner’s workshop, in collaboration with Kodak, introduces people to the world of film, the first medium to bring the moving image to life. In today’s age of the democratisation of media, a lot of us have access to the camera in our smartphones and DSLRs, but unfortunately, have perhaps never touched or known celluloid film intimately. The workshop will cover an introductory session explaining stock, film, cameras and development. This is followed by a hands-on experience curated just for the participants, where they get to shoot some abstract footage under the guidance of an experienced DOP.

[Note: All other production costs are to be covered by the participants themselves.]

Date: Sunday, 16th December
Time: 10 am
Capacity: 40
Venue: Harkat Studios
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In an attempt to go “back to the basics”, Harkat  together with The Goethe-Institut / Max-Mueller Bhavan Mumbai and in collaboration with LaborBerlin, brings to you an extended 16mm filmmaking workshop spanning over two weeks. Participants will gain a hands-on experience of making a film ‘on film’ (16mm B&W reversal to be more precise), all under the guidance of German filmmaker Bernd Lützeler. This will include conceptualising, learning the fundamentals of handmade analogue film, loading Bolex and ARRI cameras and their operation, hand developing film in the darkroom, manual editing with tape slicer – and a premiere at the closing day of the film festival.

Date: 1st -12th December
Time: 10 am – 5 pm 
Capacity: 12
Venue: Harkat Studios | Kodak FilmLab, Goregaon
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Note: This is an advanced workshop for cinematographers and directors who want to get acquainted with the working of 16mm film. If you have already worked with film, it would be helpful to write in to 16mm@16mm.harkat.in with a request. The festival reserves the right to refund participants who don’t fit this criteria.