Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival

Screening of found film footage re-crafted by contemporary filmmakers

Poetics of Transition is an exercise in re-interpreting found footage in the 16mm film format, with the intention of creating works which reflect different aspects of societal change.

Transition is a process of change – of metamorphosis – of movement – of how something is adapted and applied. These shifts, which could range from small moments to socio-political events, are in some way milestones in defining human existence. Films are testimony to the time and spaces they are made in, reflecting the zeitgeist of the period they were made in. How can we reinterpret films that reflected the politics – be it gender politics, sexual politics or socio-economic structures of a time past such that it is relevant even today?

Films are enablers of change which in turn enable further transitioning of politics, meaning and perspectives. Taking footage from films made years – and decades – ago, 8 artists came together to explore these shifts in social consciousness in the tangible format of 16mm film, creating a sort of palimpsest. Each film is the result of collaboration between 2 artists from different fields.

The films screened hope to give perspective on the poetics of these moments and how they continue to define us.

December 16 | 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Avail passes here- https://insider.in/found-footage-film-screenings-w-live-music-poetics-of-transition-dec16-2017/event


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