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The Harkat Film Lab

Harkat has been working with celluloid since the past 6 years and has been able to slowly bring to life a continuing practice in celluloid film. We’ve made many handmade films of our own, curate and host the annual 16mm film festival, are the only exhibition space to be able to screen 8mm, 16mm and 35mm; and starting this year, have joined hands with the Gujral Foundation, to put all our fragmented efforts together as a Film Lab. Probably the only one in the subcontinent, the Harkat lab gives artists, makers and enthusiasts the space, tools and knowledge to work with the celluloid medium. Artists can develop black and white reversal film at the studio and get access to equipment for making their own handmade films.

The labs’ intent is to explore Indian thought in film and function as an incubator of sorts, infusing a new wave of ideas in the moving image vocabulary, using the celluloid medium. This is directly in line with our ongoing curatorial, ‘India on Film’., first exhibited at the Serendipity Arts Festival 2019, investigating the relationship between the art and craft of making on film in the Indian context. We want to kickstart a movement with South Asian artists consolidating their own language of celluloid cinema; replacing western grammar of avant-garde and experimental with ‘Cinema of Prayoga’; all in the direction of finding our own voice as a collective. 

We hold regular screenings and workshops at our space and are continuously working on collecting more and more film equipment. All this is part of our larger work in the performance arts and film production.

The Harkat Film Lab is supported by the Gujral Foundation.

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