Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival


Welcome to the 16mm Festival 2021

December 10-12th



The 16mm Film Festival is back, and in full swing! Every film in this festival is made on physical film, where a mechanical device captures 24 images every second, as an eye looks through a flickering viewfinder and a shutter makes anxious rotations, cutting out as much light as it’s letting in. 

Most of us who have had the opportunity of befriending celluloid remember holding up the first piece of film we saw against a light, noticing the details in the frame. And like with any medium, our perceptions and approach change the more we get to know it, but we never end up where we started. 

Just like our own personal histories of learning, this year’s curatorial takes you on a journey, or as we like to think of it — a conceptual album of celluloid films. We’re set to take the screen with an opening program that truly reveals the nature and possibilities of working on celluloid. These are visuals and experiments that are unique to the medium, a perfect introduction to the world of analog film. As we traverse through this sphere, the following screenings are more structured, as we get more attuned to its instruments, we take steps with intention, sounds and feelings become familiar, and it all boils down to light and time. With the introduction of our film lab this year and all it has taught us, it felt right to close our festival with a glimpse into Harkat’s present film endeavours; a continued journey, but it’s where this one ends. 

This year we are also pleased to invite the Rennes-based Labo K as our festival guests. They will be showcasing their work as well as some collaborative films we have been working on together, for the very first time. We’re also excited to partner with the folks at Straight-8 once again, screening their Top-8 and India entries! So come join us for a three day celebration of celluloid, screening over 50 very special films from around the world. 

Note: Screenings will take place online and offline this year. Offline screenings will be held at our studio in Versova, Mumbai.


Curatorial Team

Tanvi Chitre

Simran Ankolkar

Namrata Sanghani

Tanya Dixit

Mashitshila Longkumer

Sapan Taneja