Harkat 16mm Film Festival Harkat 16mm Film Festival

About the Festival

As we zoom past Instagram filters, automated editing apps on our phones and countless banal videos on our timeline, we want to reconnect with film as a medium. It seems almost utopian now, a time where film making was about ‘making’, meticulous and reserved for the select few patient enough to spend hours and hours on formulating a piece of art.

We want to relive the magic of churning a film through a projector onto a speckless cloth, evoking the tangible quality of the medium. We also want to keep a community of artists and makers, who have always been working with film, together and slowly rebuild, through community efforts, a lost infrastructure.

The 16mm Film Festival, conceived with a view of re-connecting with the cinematic medium through it’s celluloid history, continues to draw an amazing response from the industry and audiences alike. Since 2017, we have screened a number of works made on film and facilitated diverse workshops around using film as a medium.

With very generous and continued support from Kodak, LaborBerlin, Goethe-Institut Mumbai and the Serendipity Arts Festival, the festival has worked its way through supporting and re-building infrastructure for filmmakers and artists who want to work on film – always ensuring that the know-how keeps getting transferred over to young makers.

The 16mm Film Festival is organised by Harkat Studios, an alternative arts space and a film production company based in Mumbai and Berlin.

About Harkat Studios

Harkat Studios is a collective driven film lab and boutique art studio based in Mumbai and Berlin. Harkat focuses on the development of conscious art and encourages a discourse on contemporary practices within the field in India. We have a passion for film, new media, community art spaces and contemporary art. 

Harkat takes many forms across artistic disciplines and creative industries. Our work is focused on bringing harkat into the community and bringing the community back into our work. Since its conception, our studio has served as a ‘community center’ for art. We support the new, unheard, upcoming, exciting, cutting edge, the political, the forgotten, nostalgic, melancholic, soul stirring, the beautiful & more. And that’s what Harkat is. Harkat.

As an alternative arts space, Harkat has hosted theatre, film, music, contemporary art exhibitions and other community projects. We run the 16mm Film Festival in Bombay, an annual celebration of celluloid filmmaking combined with workshops facilitating making with a focus on the medium. We also curated a show called ‘India on Film’ at the Serendipity Arts Festival which investigated the inter-relationship between the art and craft of making on film in the Indian context.